• A letter from our founder:
    A home provides the foundation for financial stability and prosperity for American families. The housing boom and bust made that dream a distant reality for many hard-working, responsible Americans. Short sales, bankruptcies and foreclosures affected millions and, although many families managed to recover, traditional lenders were not willing to help rebuild the American dream.

    At America Funding, we know who you are, we know what you’ve been through and we are here to help!

    America Funding recognizes that one situational credit event does not make prospective homeowners financially risky. Founded by a dedicated team, many of whom who have experienced these hardships firsthand, America Funding provides financing products that specialize in these situational credit events. Through a powerful network of purpose-driven professionals, we simplify the home loan process, manage all aspects of the transaction and assist those impacted by the housing downturn.

    How do we identify responsible borrowers? All too often, traditional lenders have relied on a “backwards looking” approach to funding. As many know, this approach does not take into account the resolute nature of our forward-facing American spirits. Therefore, using common sense underwriting, we look at the current income against monthly expenses, qualifying people on their ability to repay into the future. This approach is what makes our work so rewarding and your experience so refreshing.

    The house you desire isn’t out of reach. Let us help you navigate your way home and finally get America Funding again!
    Phillip Baltazar
    Founder and CEO
  • About Phil:
    Phillip Baltazar is an entrepreneur with a passion for putting good people into homes, especially when they have the ability to repay a loan but don’t fit neatly into the strict consistent-income box. He has served the residential mortgage space through good times and bad. As President of America Funding, Inc., he received Lending Tree’s “Excellence in Customer Service” award in 2008 and was named a top producer in San Diego. Since 1995, Phillip has worked to hone, develop, and excel in all aspects of the Direct to Consumer (D2C) online mortgage experience. Today he is focused on driving growth across the mortgage platform, designing and developing affinity partnerships that drive incremental mortgage volume and revenue through seamless integration of real estate search, credit and debt monitoring, and ancillary banking products with a proven, secure client portal.
    • Sig Anderman
      Founder and Chairman of the Board at Ellie Mae
      “Phillip is a brilliant entrepreneur who has demonstrated an uncanny ability to manage a business successfully through good times and bad.”
      January 8, 2009, Sig was a consultant or contractor to Phillip at Loan Depot
    • Sean Casey
      “Phillip is the most passionate, motivating, and dynamic person I have ever had the pleasure to work for. His energy level and "outside the box" thinking has helped me and America Funding overcome many obstacles and instilled confidence that even in the toughest times we will prevail.”
      January 9, 2009, Sean reported to Phillip at America Funding, Inc.
  • AmericaFunding Loans
    We’re a new kind of company. A startup culture of new ideas, fast execution, and technology, with the maturity and resources of an established lender.

    We know who you are, we know what you’ve been through and we’re here to help!