• AmericaFunding FAQ
    • Can I qualify for a home loan or mortgage?
      Yes! We’re here to help you find a path to successful home ownership. We won’t let situational credit events stop you from attaining the home of your dreams.
    • Can you buy a house after bankruptcy, foreclosure, or bad credit?
      Yes, AmericaFunding makes this a reality. We understand the frustration facing millions of borrowers. Despite having spotless credit in the past, situational events such as a short sale, foreclosure, or bankruptcy can make home ownership nearly impossible. We’re here to change that.
    • How can I buy a home after bankruptcy or foreclosure and with poor credit?
      Here your credit score only assesses your risk factor, not your qualification. Using common sense underwriting, we look at your current income, current expenses, and qualify you based on your ability to repay.
    • How long after a bankruptcy or Chapter 7 can I qualify for a home loan?
      Waiting the five to seven years it takes to re-establish creditworthiness is unacceptable to AmericaFunding. We’ve sped up that process by offering borrowers full loan approvals within about 20-30 days.
    • How do I apply for a home loan or mortgage with bad credit?
      We make it easy. Once you’ve contacted us and we learn about your situation, our loan consultants will outline available options. When we’ve identified the option best suited to your needs, we’ll walk you through our digital application. Upon completion, we’ll create a custom document checklist for you to use to ensure your loan is quickly and efficiently processed.